[WIP]Current/Throwback Mix Cavs Gund Arena Floor + 07 Finals Floor

Release or preview patches for NBA 2K17.

[WIP]Current/Throwback Mix Cavs Gund Arena Floor + 07 Finals Floor

Postby ksmiz on Fri May 19, 2017 4:02 am

EDIT: I figured out my problem!
Should work now here you go: f004.iff

I didn't know that I needed to swap out the 0kb files in the template with the shared files in DXT1 not 5 Why isn't this easier to figure out and find?!?! O well it worked now on to cleaning it up.
I tried to follow Lagoa's template in the tutorials but I can never get it to show up in game. The quality is not the greatest and all the lines/font aren't cleaned up but not even being able to get it to work in game has led me to ask for help before refining and adding to the progress. I left the skyline because it's dope but you can pick up where I left off it you'd like to remove it in the psd file
I'd like to change the font under the baskets when I work on it more to make it more like the 90s font.
I got the logos from in game or here sportslogos.net

Thanks to Lagoa for the template but please help me bring it all together and get it to work! I'd really like to learn more.

I have some '95-'96 jerseys to go with as well that I can't quite figure out the normals or region files if anyone can help. I took the alt1 jerseys to start with. 95-96alt1cavsjerseys

And finally I tried to add an XL anniversary patch for a '09-'10 style. I might have used the game's files to start or PeaceManNot's not sure. I lost the C on back on other teams so put that back on as well. Any idea if I can make it look more like a genuine patch on the jersey and not like a screen printed tshirt? '09-'10cavsjerseys

'07 Finals Floor - even though cavs lost :(

Would like to learn more about the wood patterns and how to match them up better if anyone can guide me in the right direction
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Re: [WIP]Current/Throwback Mix Cavs Gund Arena Floor + 07 Finals Floor

Postby Murat on Fri May 19, 2017 6:54 pm

so cool. thanks
this year, again...
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