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Postby mp3 on Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:03 am

Dee4Three wrote:So when it comes down to it.. Here are the top 10 gameplay fixes that need to occur in NBA 2K18.

1. Heavy players - After the patches, the players feel heavy and hard to move around. The original game before patches the players were much lighter. So, heavy feeling players need to be fixed.

2. Slow motion dunks/layups - Not as bad on the original .exe, horrible after patches. Players do not go up for layups and dunks in slow motion in real life.

3. Slow Motion dribbling - Impossible for human beings to even dribble a ball that slow, it looks very unnatural.

4. Broken Defense: This has already been covered at length, but the team defense needs a complete overhaul.

5. Floating passes: Nobody throws the ball that slow in real life, in fact, the ball in real life couldn't even move that slow through the air.

6. Players losing the ball: Body blocks and body steals, where the offensive player just drops the ball or loses the ball, players are taught at a very young age to hang onto the ball tight and secure, not in NBA 2K17.

7. Roster signatures/attributes/tendencies: Overall just need to be more accurate, the user shouldn't have to go in a edit every team for accuracy.

8. Protected shots: Players who clearly have blue sky to get a shot off, being forced to fadeaway and brick shots. If you are going to have protected shots, make sure they activate when the defender is actually in the offensive players shorts. Or, just let us decide if we are going to fadeaway, I never liked the idea of protected shots to being with.

9. Outlet passes: Outlet passes sail over offensive players heads even when the offensive player is wide open down the floor, it's like these guys are playing middle school basketball and need to learn the fundamentals. If the defense is broken and that is why you are making the game play like that, that's not acceptable.

10. Forced Animations: Forced fouls, forced animations where your defender is made to slide over (Like skate over) into an offensive player for a foul.

Those are the top 10 gameplay issues that need to be fixed in my opinion, ill also be posting this in the wishlist for NBA 2K18 incase its not seen by 2k here.

In a nutshell yeah, also fix body types. No more crack head skinny players please.
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