Need Troubleshooting - CPU/HDMI to TV

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Need Troubleshooting - CPU/HDMI to TV

Postby Dee4Three on Sat Feb 11, 2017 1:25 am

Hi all,

This isn't directly related to NBA 2k17, but its impacting NBA 2k17 and that's the game I play most. I was hoping to get some feedback from others on here who may have experienced this.

I have my desktop plugged into my 50 inch VIZIO tv, I always run my computer like this. All of a sudden, the game looks kind of washed out, it looks like the graphics have downgraded. This is with NBA 2k17 and any other game I am playing on the PC. Things I have tried:

1. Made sure I had the most updated Graphics Drive installed
2. Tried rolling back drivers to see if another older driver would work
3. Switched out the HDMI cord and tried a new one
4. Tried different turn on sequences (Turn on CPU first, than TV, turn on TV first, than CPU, etc).
5. I've made sure the resolution is set correctly.
6. I've made sure the connection is secure with the HDMI cable in the TV and in the Graphics card
7. I've made sure the card is seated appropriately in the CPU

Any ideas? My regular cable tv looks just fine, I'm trying to think of some other troubleshooting ideas.

BTW, VIZIO isn't helpful. Also NOTE: I've been using my CPU's with TV's since 2014, it has worked beautifully.

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Re: Need Troubleshooting - CPU/HDMI to TV

Postby Phreak50 on Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:59 am

Check your video card settings to make sure your settings haven't changed. Have a play with colour format and dynamic range specifically.

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