Shimmering reflections off dornas - Texutre Shimmering - Help?

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Shimmering reflections off dornas - Texutre Shimmering - Help?

Postby Dee4Three on Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:19 am

Hi all,

I have my PC plugged in via HDMI to my 50 inch TV. I have no texture shimmering issues on NBA 2K11, 2K12, 2K13, 2K15, 2K16 or 2K17. I also don't have that issue on Elder Scrolls Online, Devil May Cry, Castlevania Lord of Shadows, Dragons Dogma, or any of the Final Fantasy's. I have a AMD 480 GPU and a great processor, and run all my games maxed out (Including the Witcher 3), so I know that it is not my AA. I have also tried AA SuperSampling, and the problem is still there. It makes some courts look horrible, so I literally need to turn my court reflections off in game.

Is there a fix for this? Maybe in my video settings file for the game? The shimmering is intense and ruins the look of the game.

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