[Release]Alternative History ver 0.9

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[Release]Alternative History ver 0.9

Postby Sylvian on Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:32 pm

On this topic I preparing to make BIG Mode - make an alternative history version for NBA.

Today I finnish works on roster version.

It`s late 1980s. Canadians suffers for basketball fever. Two businessman (John Bitove and Arthur Griffiths) try establish two professional teams from Canada – Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies. In the same time businessman group establish club in Las Vegas – Bobcats.
National Basketball League invite those three teams to organization and until 1990/1991 season in league are 30 teams. League was splited to three division in two conference each ( in East – Atlantic, Central and South – East, in West: South- West, North – West, and Pacific Division). Toronto Raptors assigned to Atlantic Division, Vancouver Grizzlies assigned to North-West Division, and Las Vegas Bobcats assigned to South – West Division.

Expansion draft rules:
- If teams lost one of unprotected players, can`t lost next.
- Picks are spiral that means club who selected first pick in round expansion draft, can`t select first pick in the next round.
- Clubs can offer maximum: first pick player 7.5M$ per season, second pick 4.35M$, third pick 3.8$M, fourth 3.5M$, and any further picked players 3.0M$.
- Clubs may contract free agents and salaries cup is 60M$.
- Clubs didn`t select players in 1990 draft.

Unprotected players.
Philadelphia - Dexter Shouse(PG), Kurt NImphuis (C)
Milwaukee – Jerry Sichting (PG),
Chicago – Charles Davis ( PF)
Cleveland – Gary Voce ( PF)
Boston – Jim Paxson (SF), Dennis Johnson (PG)
Los Angleles Clippers – Jay Edwards (PG), Torgeir Brynn (C), Steve Harris (SG), Perry Young (SG)
Atlanta – Mike Williams (PF), Wes Matthews ( PG)
Miami – Jim Rowinski (PF)
Charlotte – Terry Dozier (PF), Brian Rowson (SF), Ralph Lewis (SG), Michael Holton (SG), Richard Anderson (PF)
Utah – Erick Johnson (SG), Raymond Brown (PF), Jose Ortiz (PF),
Sacramento – Michael Jackson (PG), Randy Allen (PF), Ed Stokes (C), Harrold Pressley (SF)
New York Knicks – Kenneth Scott (SF)
Los Angeles Lakers – Melvin McCants (PF), Steve Bucknall (SG), Jay Vincent ( SF), Michael Cooper (SG).
Orlando Magic – Ben Poquette (C)
Dallas – Mark Wade (PG), Anthony Jones (SG)
New Jersey – Jay Taylor ( SG), Stanley Brundy (SF), Rick Carlisle (PG), Purvis Short ( SG)
Denver – Eddie Hughes ( SG), Bill Hanzlik ( SF)
Indiana – Dyron Nix (SF), Calvin Natt (SF)
Detroit - Stan Kimbrough ( PG)
Houston – Lewis Lloyd (SG),
San Antonio – Zarko Paspalj ( PF), Jeff Lebo ( PG), Uwe Blab (C), John Moore (PG)
Phoenix – Mike Morrison (SG), Mike McGee (SF)
Seattle – Russ Shoene (PF)
Minnesota - Andrian Branch ( SG), Scott Roth (SF)
Portland – Nate Johnson ( PF)
Golden State – Marques Johnson (SG), Chris Welp (C), Leonard Taylor (PF)
Washingotn – Doug Roth (C), Ed Horton (SF), Mel Turpin (PF)

Expansion Draft:
First Round
1. Bobacats: Dennis Johnson
2. Grizzlies: Marques Johnson
3. Raptors: Purvis Short
Second Round
4. Grizzlies: Johny Moore
5. Raptors: Wes Matthews
6. Bobcats: Mel Turpin
Third Round
7. Raptors: Jay Vincent
8. Bobcats: Kurt Nimphuis
9. Grizzlies: Calvin Natt
Fourth Round
10. Toronto: Harold Pressley
11. Grizzlies: Russ Schoene
12. Bobcats: Mike McGee
Fifth Round
13. Grizzlies: Charles Davis
14. Bobcats: Lewis Lloyd
15. Raptors: Jose Ortiz
Sixth Round
16. Bobcats: Steve Harris
17. Raptors: Jerry Sichting
18. Grizzlies: Bill Hanzlik
Seventh Round
19. Grizzlies: Mark Wade
20. Bobcats: Jim Rowinski
21. Raptors Adrian Branch
Eight Round
22. Bobcats: Stan Kimbrough
23. Raptors: Nate Johnstone
24. Grizzlies: Gary Voce
Ninth Round
25. Raptors: Richard Anderson
26. Grizzlies: Ben Poquette
27. Bobcats: Kenneth Scoot

What was created:
- in Roster appear all players which appear in NBA 1990/1991 season at least one match, and almost all players who appear at least one match in season 1989/1990, and 1988/1989 - (Caldwell Jones, Sidney Lowe, Mike Dunleavy, Abdul-Jabbar, Ballard, Birdsong, Nixon, Dawkins, Hubbard, Iavaroni, Tyler, Whitehead, etc).
- players who was drafted in 1990 and earlier, but didn`t play on NBA before 1990 - Kukoc, Sabonis, Antonio Davis, Carl Herrera, Derek Strong, Dino Radja, Dean Garrett, Doug Lee, Steve Bardo, Stefano Rusconi, Pat Durham, Ricky Blanton, Ricky Grace and Todd Mitchell - few of this like Kukoc, Sabonis, Davis, Radja appear in NBA D-League but during season may it call back to NBA Team.
- players who finnish college before 1990 but didn`t drafted in any draft: Chris Childs, Eldrigde Recasner, Michael Curry, Lloyd Daniels, David Benoit, Marty Conlon, Paul Graham, Brian Howard - and many more who was less famous of those players.
- players from NBA D- League are not random players. Most of this is players which appear in CBA on 1990/1991 season + players who was unprotected during expansion draft and who didn`t drafted.
- all players appear in NBA has correct NBA stats from last season.
- is deleted players who came into Hall of Fame later than 1989 year.
- Is deleted awards after season 1989/1990. All awards from season 1989/1990 is correctly.
- all bio information are correct - date of birth, college, draft year, draft round, draft posiotion audi_ID ( if possible).

What was changed.
- I use 1990/1991 Mod 2.0 by Suirad. I little balanced skills for some players. I changed almost all contract years, year wage and option in contrat tabs.

What will be edited in next release ??

This mod is only database edited. This mode didn`t appear any graphics file - so many new players are no portrait and cyberfaces - but I will try imitate for realistic as the game possible. In next release I try make a graphics file to make someone else make portraits to new players.

Special Thanks

Ultimate Base Roster Contributors



Slave Pageant










If you feel that my work deserved recognition, donate me


Players send on NBA D-League before season start ( Davis, Kukoc, Sabonis, Del Negro, Bagley, Volkov, Rivers, Herrera) can`t be recall immediatelly after start new game. If you put they on roster, you must first send down a player, and call back other player. If anybody knows how change it I will be thankful.

I am sorry but I can`t speak English very well.

Please forgive me.
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Re: [Release]Alternative History ver 0.9

Postby Westwindization on Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:50 am

This is great idea ! It would be so cool if you could make the same thing only with this year roster. Add new team f.e. from Seatle or Las Vegas so we can build new team from scrach in todays NBA. Can you make that? It would add like a new mode in NBA2K13. Association + build team from free agents. Next year maybe sign CP3 and Dwight on team.
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