Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

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Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby HAWK23 on Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:55 am

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Twitter: @UltimateNBA2K
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Download V20 Here: :arrow: Ultimate Base Roster V20 [257 Total Teams] + All 60 2013 Rookies[with Portraits]/Updated Rosters 6/29/2012

Special Message to the Fans of the Ultimate Base Roster

If you are reading this message it’s because you have happened to stumble upon it through a variety of different ways:

#1: You may be an avid reader/follower of the NBA-LIVE.com (NLSC) forums so naturally you found this post and decided to click it.

#2: You’re a big follower of the Ultimate Base Roster mod and therefore have clicked on it because I made mention of it in the large ongoing thread about the progress/suggestions of the mod. This thread can be located here: viewtopic.php?f=143&t=82925.

#3: You’ve happened to click the link on the official twitter page of the Ultimate Base Roster. The official twitter account for the Ultimate Base Roster is here – you can add @UltimateNBA2K for the most recent updates.

#4: Or number 4, when you downloaded the latest version of the roster (Version20) you noticed that the main booting screen directed you to a website which then directed you to this post.

I want to explain to you what the purpose of this ”Special Announcement” post is all about. First of all, this post is more or less a message to the fans of the Ultimate Base Roster. This is meant to be a message of reflection on my part as well as thoughts that I wanted to share with you.

Let me be clear that this is not a message that I want people posting in to report “bugs”, make suggestions, or complain. For those types of things you can make a post in the thread mentioned above.

The other day I decided to “google” my own mod and when I did I saw postings of it everywhere. I soon realized there was a much larger following than I originally thought - literally thousands of people have downloaded this. I only “officially” submit my work to NLSC and Moddingway, but was pleasantly surprised to see other sites posting/giving credit for the project. After reviewing all the publicity the mod has gotten I felt that I had a chance to make a couple of comments in one “official message” such as this to address some personal questions I have received, along with trying to extend a “thank you” to those that deserve it most.

What made me decide to do this mod? I made it for the same reason a lot of people download it. It was a fun escape to make it, just as it is a fun escape for you to download and play with. In my field of work, which I will mention later, you sometimes need to find an outlet to unwind, relax, and put things out of your mind for a bit. Making this project did the trick for me. I made it for the guy who had a crappy day at work, but knows when they come home they can clear their mind by finding an escape playing with their favorite childhood team. It’s for the kid who is being bullied at school but knows they can come home and get away from it all for a little bit by playing with their retired favorite player that was no longer in the game. I made it to keep the history of the NBA alive – new stars are hyped up, but we can’t forget the historical past of the NBA and to be able to teach people about the great players over the decades is priceless. It’s awesome to load up the mod and to see which players played for which teams and how well they did, I hope it has sparked conversation between you and your friends, and most importantly I hope you have learned something from it. NBA2K has done a phenomenal job bringing the past to life, all I did (with the help of others) was expand upon what they did.

This leads me to my next point. NBA2K. NBA2K, and the entire 2K team are the most amazing group of computer programmers in the history of gaming. These people are the ones who need to be getting the credit for taking a risk to get permission to take their game to the next level by adding historical players and teams. People love to complain about game play issues or inconsistencies but you have to step back and see from a comprehensive standpoint what these people have done. Look at the awesome game they have created! I bought NBA2K11 last year, but before that the last time I had bought a video game was NBA Live 2003. That was an 8 year gap and they brought me back with Jordan – you have to give them the credit for realizing how many fans they could bring to their product by hitting upon nostalgic feelings. I’ve gotten messages in my inbox to the effect of “you are a hero”, “this mod is amazing”, “2K should hire you”. The real heroes are the NBA2K staff. Everyone should be seeking them out and e-mailing them and giving thanks – not complaining about the minor nuances of the greatest sports game ever made. If there is any chance anyone on the 2K staff reads this I want YOU to know that you guys were the inspiration for expanding upon an already perfect product. You guys made it possible, you guys deserve so much more credit than people give you, and I truly thank you for the time, effort, and detail that you guys put into the game. I’m glad the game is still available for the PC. I personally have received hundreds of messages/e-mails over the last few months telling me that they “have the game for xbox/playstation” but had to buy the PC version as well so they could download this mod. I think the modding community in general gives such a great outlet to the marketing power of the game, and hope that you guys continue to release a PC version of the game in the years to come.

Also, I want to acknowledge and recognize this website NLSC and some of the important people that helped create this mod. First of all take a good look around. For those of you who found this message because of the note on the main bootup screen after downloading version 20, and may have never seen this site before, BOOKMARK IT NOW. This place is, in my opinion, the number one site for mods and getting questions answered about basketball gaming. Andrew has been hosting this site for years now, I remember submitting patches for NBA Live 99 – he’s an extremely committed individual who runs a great site and genuinely cares about his forum users. Jaosming does a phenomenal job answering questions and making mods of his own. I highly encourage you to checkout his work by visiting the download section above. Between these two people they have helped answer all of my “newbie” questions when it comes to patches so that I, along with others, were able to put this massive mod together. They are NBA junkies and patching/modding gurus who are excellent at what they do. Always support nba-live.com (NLSC) as they have been around forever and are committed to being your number one place for basketball gaming. They are on Facebook (Search: NLSC) and Twitter (@NLSC) and give frequent updates. I highly suggest adding them. While there have been MANY contributors to the Ultimate Base Roster (which can be found at the bottom of this page: Ultimate Base Roster V20 [257 Total Teams] + All 60 2013 Rookies[with Portraits]/Updated Rosters 6/29/2012). The one that I need to make sure to recognize is the user "Nuhmete" who has been instrumental in helping me do this. He has spent a number of hours doing a little bit of everything. Jerseys, cyberfaces, courts, roster edits, and most importantly helping troubleshoot. He's been the best "right-hand man" in patching history as far as I'm concerned. The work he does is always flawless and I never have to worry about what he sends me as I know it's always accurate, prompt, and well done. Big thanks man - you've been awesome.

I also want to recognize ModdingWay, Operation Sports, and NBA-2K.com for supporting the mod, adding download links, and advertising the great preview videos that users have made detailing the mod. Thank you for the support and publicity which has provided opportunities for people to experience the Ultimate Base Roster.

Lastly, I want everyone to understand a little bit about who I am. I work at a school in Illinois just a few minutes north of Chicago. I’m a counselor seeking my degree in administration. Why administration? Because I want to be able to make the biggest difference possible. You need to work hard to make a difference and I hope that this has shown through in a roundabout way to the NBA2K community by the work done in this mod. Hard work pays off, and I want everyone out there who downloads this mod to know that all it takes to do something great is to stay committed and find something you truly are passionate about. I know there are a lot of kids out there who download and use this mod, and I want to challenge them to do great things with whatever they are passionate. The work put into this mod should be a larger message to kids that anything is possible if you put enough hours, time, and passion into something. Anyone could have made this mod if they put the right amount of effort and thought into to it. Hard work and commitment made this possible – and those qualities can apply to anything. Ask questions when you don’t understand something, don’t give up when something doesn’t work the first time, don’t get angry or frustrated when something doesn't turn out in your favor; those aren’t the kind of characteristics that successful people possess. Most importantly be humble, give thanks to those who deserve it. No matter if you want to be a NBA star, successful business person, teacher, doctor, lawyer, electrician whatever make sure you try to be the best damn employee/person you can be. Go HARD, don’t just do the minimum, keep working to be better. Use this mod as an example of what can be accomplished when you stay committed, ask questions, and put in 100% effort. Great things can happen.

A couple of important links for you to know about:
Donate: ImageYes! I would very much appreciate it
Make suggestions/report “bugs”: viewtopic.php?f=143&t=82925
Guide for FAQ help: viewtopic.php?p=1520050#p1520050

Please honor my request by not posting complaints/suggestions/bugs in this post. This should be a thread to appreciate the NBA2K Staff, NLSC [Andrew/Jao], and the contributors to the Ultimate Base Roster.
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby Ur Boi Bangs Chol on Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:07 am

JaoSming2KTV wrote:its fun on a bun
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby sevin0seven on Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:40 am

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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby fixor on Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:33 am

:applaud: :applaud: :applaud:
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby maholisoa on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:50 am

Great stuff bro!
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby JaoSming on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:52 am

Great read, thank you, you're welcome, etc. I mean it when I say it, I think this is the best community mod for a PC basketball game, ever.
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby Andrew on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:56 am

Well said HAWK, appreciate the kind words and your continued support of the NLSC. You deserve all the adulation that you have received, you've put together an incredible mod in UBR. I remember you doing some awesome stuff for NBA Live 99 back in the day but UBR tops it all, it's truly one of the best mods we've ever seen around these parts. Congratulations! (Y)
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby maholisoa on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:06 am

I am not the geek type of dude, but I would like to say that HAWK and everybody else's who contributed for this MOD is simply amazing. This is way I simply encourage people to DONATE, it's easy to just download this great thing without giving a little something or a simple thanks in return...And I would like to thank all the 2k engineers and team for all their efforts, I hope that the next version will be WAY better, and will offer more potions for future MODS (more CF's, shoes, accessories, shooting, dunking packages, more names recognized by the game)...special Thanks to Nuhmete,Johnpipepipe, AKNM,sevin0seven, ChrisBrodbeck, Brenzon, Franci27nba...thanks guys
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby Tommyhtc on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:07 am

though I hoped this anouncement would be feature-related,
it was nevertheless a great read..

Hawk23 and the other guys I truly thank you for the countless hours of fun 2k simulation that you guys gave us..

I really hope 2k sees this mod and realize that they have to include these teams into their future releases.
They should probably even ask for your help or give you credit... that will be unpredecented, game designers seeking help from fans.
But this mod certainly deserves that.

This mod has probably become something more than an "escape" for you and you probably will not want to repeat this all over again in 2k13..
and even so, I have no problem with that.

but of course, if you are willing to give us one more year of UBR...it will be even better.

EDIT: oh yeah, another thing, I really recommend you to send your stuff to 2k or at least let them know about this...
even if we don't get such additions in 2k13,
it will still probably put all 2k employees in awe.
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby jonhpipepipe on Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:35 am

It came to me at the first time as a good project, but NEVER a MASTERPIECE like this... I mean right now.

It'll forever be a honor to be consider a part of it, as most of you simply don't know i'll take some of your minutes with my stupid words...

I'm suffering through out very serious and dangerous depression problems, just for your knowledge, now i'm starting all over again, i'm well and thanks God i wanna thank my entire family at home and around the world (this means the entire NLSC Community), thank you.

And maybe, that's what keep me alive through out all of this moments, a simple, humble and very important word in life, called UNION!

Union, for those whom come together and put effort on it, hard workers who love what they are doing, unknown people, all 2K Staff Crew (i mean, we joke around, but those people put the basis and the space for our improvements, thanks guys!), Andrew & Jao (for the first i got a lot of personal respect, and for the second thanks for keeping everything into educational level, i mean, THANKS GUYS, AND ALL THE OTHER MODERATORS FOR THIS SPACE...), and of course i wanna say that you Hawk, you are just brilliant, he never give me an easy life, heheheheh, i never donate (but i really tried...), and the most important of all we always seek for mutual respect, that's the most important thing that i learn in my life, to respect others. We have different opinions and of course different point of views, but at the end of the day the same enthusiasm about Basketball itself, i read your words and completely agree in all tones with you Hawk. But don't forget that this not the end, i never come to your project to facilitate things, i'll still being a big pain in the "ass" (sorry Jao, heheheheheh) and you'll have a hard time with me, belive me, cause i'm as your project are not done yet! I'll keep your life busy as possible, as disturb is my second name and sure, be sure about that we'll discuss a lot about my crazy ideas, but it's your guilty, who created all this mess at first place??? Heheheheheheh

But seriously, my most respectful thanks to users and all the community guys: Nuhmete, TSD777, Dr."J"aytsena, RF10, CecilHayes, Maximus89, Tommyhtc, Broadsun, Big Brenzon, RETRO, Mr. Franc"hise"is, Byczek, MythBuster, Wim.vl, MGX, Jaelove, Laker06, Rlambert, Clark, Stomp, Slave Pageant, JoeJames, eda, Jazz, blkmagnum22, Juan33, formyhunny, VLAD (for the excelent Reditor!), Moddingway (for the space too!), FishBowlMan, Aaron991, Gambeta, LG-1 and of course you my little brother Big "O"swald!

And can't say thanks anymore, kids arrive... heheheh... That's life price folks!!!
With love, respect and care...

João Felipe "John Pipe".
Believe... God is above us all!
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby RobertoKostov93 on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:52 am

Great stuff, thanks for everything! :D :bowdown: :bowdown2:
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby shorty_ubk on Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:51 am

I'm just can't talk right now 'cause I've read an awesome message... :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH HAWK23 and other (Nuhmete,Johnpipepipe, AKNM,sevin0seven, ChrisBrodbeck, Brenzon, Franci27nba) great modders, also "The Master" Andrew and "The GURU" Jaosming... :applaud: :applaud: :applaud: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: YOU'RE GREAT!!! :bowdown2: :bowdown2: :bowdown2:
Sorry for My Bad English...;)

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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby mon4rch on Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:52 pm

Hey guys! Playing All-Time New Jersey. Passing to J.Erving... then making one of the shots by analog on gamepad (UP-and-LEFT), and before he makes a jumpshot game crashes. That happens every time.
So can't dunk and throw the ball D: could you fix that please? There are a lot of problems with that player :( anything about him crashes the game
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby Andrew on Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:17 am

You might want to keep those kind of reports in the release thread rather than this one. ;)
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby Kieran on Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:04 pm

Much respect. Thanks not only for the mod but the sentiment behind it and the above explanation. :applaud:
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby RayHoops1 on Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:58 am

Hawk brotha, oneday you will have to pass the torch because oneday im gonna pass you up and be the best modder physically and knowledge wise bruh.......... :cool:

LOL Naw you know im messing with you my boy. But thank you for the help on the 98-99 mod my man. Im glad to know from here on out if i have any questions, i know who to talk too! The UBR is just far out amazing man, i mean you have to take time to get that shit right (Y) But you know from ya boy it's much love from your Chicago boy to another :wink: Great Work all around :applaud:

Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby LBJ_MVP_6 on Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:26 am

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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby Chubz4U on Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:15 am

LBJ_MVP_6 wrote:great work, but i have 1 question.. how do you start association without crashing?

Go to the other thread for questions like that did you read his post or not. :shock:
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Re: Ultimate Base Roster: Special Announcement/Reflection

Postby 2KBeast784439 on Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:10 pm

:applaud: :applaud: :applaud:
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