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Postby jmoney777 on Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:40 am

hello haaaaanis,

I see your hosting my 2k11 draft class roster files for this update. I have no problem with you using my files to keep the game up-to-date but next time shoot me an pm or give some credit for the stuff I did last year. Keep updating though its good to keep 2k11 alive.
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Postby roastingpig on Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:49 am

get back to work haaaaanis! :evil:
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Postby jotajunior on Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:01 pm

haaaaanis wrote:@ -Infinity-
If you did follow each step as I described you shouldn't have an problem!
this two are the CF's of the NBA 11 draft!from those 2 files you have to paste just the png.iff files!You need those png.iff's because then players like irving and so on will not have CF's!!!
then paste those .iffs into the folder-but it is optional, this is a shoe patch which is really good: ... e_Pack.rar
and now download this: ... UPDATE.rar this is the update with this years draft...paste the png.iff's and the portrait.iff/cdf and the portrait_hi.iff/cdf into the main folder and the roster file in there and you should have the update!

@ abnabn and julkmaggot:
here is just the roster file again:

@ Kubbas24: feel free to add to this mode I do not have any problem with other patchers work with this patch and re-release it!
It would be nice if you would update your edited mode so we could add our results together!!!
the tendecies of most of the players are updated by this roster-patch ... sters.html which I used as my base and I did smaller updates on the new players which I have to add like the new rookies, but I have to admit that they may not be precise!
But I did not edit the plays for the focuse was to have a good update with most of the players!A few of the playbooks have to be edited especially those this the new coaches!

About the sliders: I am playing 12 Minutes on HOF...I know that they are strange but I don't want to have games ending with a score 150-160, I want to have real NBA scores so I turned a lot of stuff down which affects the shooting % of the teams but it keeps the score down between 90 and 110.
Feel free to share yours!Those I uploade are individual for my playing style :wink:

thanks a lot!
I will try to compress the file more so I can upload it here on the download section of the forum!!!

I have the same doubt of infinit. I put the .png in main folder, where??? I try but it didn't work! (sorry about my english, i'm from Brazil)
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Postby requim on Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:37 am

Hey guys the patch is awesome everything is great, but i have only one problem the Wizards jersey are all white no name no logo no nothing everything on their jerseys are white any idea how can i fix it ???
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Postby Ronyesz on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:20 am

haaaaanis wrote:
roastingpig wrote:awesome update but why don't the wizards new court show up and the jerseys are just blank? and all the teams retros and alternative jerseys disappeared just leaving me with the main homes and aways. so pretty much the only thing working for me in this is the rosters the courts new rookies with cyber faces and portraits, thats it, everything else is still am i supposed to replace the iff when i paste them or have 2 of the same in the 2k folder currently i am replacing em. sorry im new to the mod game but not dumb to were i dont know how to follow directions.

I'm sorry I checked my roster file again and I did a tweak to keep the old wizard floor too because I like the old gilbert-arenas era with the former jerseys and so on!
I forgot to edit that!
So for all the people who have that problem just copy and paste that .iff files in the main folder:
as I already mentioned I disabled the retro jerseys and the retro teams...
and yeah just replace them!!!'s just an roster update and a few patches from NBA 2K12 but at the end of the day it's still NBA 2K11 but there alot of good gameplay patches from other patchers like some of michaelvlutz which I'm not allowed to upload them here but the make the gameplay as good as 2K12!
here you can find a few:

You don't have to mess with the low and high quality!I just renamed the wizard tabs with the Reditor!!!

@Kubbas24: as JaoSming already mentioned who just have to take an other gamedata!I will not affect the patch like the roster or the players, it will affect few TNT mode parts of the patch but there are alot other gamedata patches with the circles which contain the TNT patches!
bro, can u pm me about the roster?
AND: within the next days will upload another update with the new trades also with teletovic on the nets and claver with the blazers!

Sorry but it didn't updated the center logo to me for the Wizards.
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Postby Ronyesz on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:26 am

Pleaaase update the courts, the commentates (The commentator still tells ARCO Arena and they still tells New Jersey too for example.) and the roster too to the current (2012-'13) season. By the way thx for great mods. Keep up the good work.
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Postby gentwo3three on Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:44 am

i went back to 2k11. any updates?
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