96/97 Mod with Levy's HUGE changes for the Association mode

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96/97 Mod with Levy's HUGE changes for the Association mode

Postby levynagy on Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:35 pm


When the creators of the 96-97 mod created the roster file and made their cyberfaces they replaced the originals in the 2K11 game with others from later years instead of creating new IDs for retro CFs. So basically this is what I had to do in order to avoid conflicts later on when draftees will enter the association I have started (one example for you: Dirk had a custom black skin face with the original 96-97 mod).

You will have to copy over my CFs files after you install the 96-97 mod into your original 2K11 game and use my dynasty mode with the roster file that contains these changes. I’ve added newer/better CFs from the NLSC community for NBA players who will show up in drafts later in the association mod. I also made many custom CFs to players I created in the draft but because I have only the free version of Reditor I can’t assign real CFs to them nor to change players portraits with NBA 2k Tool (I’m on Win7), so basically I am allowed only to edit things created by others – and this is the only disadvantage of my association mod or else it would be perfect.

Anyway, who created this mod had only a slight idea about real ratings and tendencies of the now-retro players so this is the biggest change I made to the original mod. I grew up with the REAL NBA 1996-1997-1998 seasons, been a Phoenix Suns fan since 1993, and I know what I am talking about. Approximately 90% of the players in the 96-97 mod were mis-rated (centers playing guards and vice versa is only an example). It took me more than 3 months to do this while I chose to do it while playing my association mode. Initially I started with the roster file and went past half of it but actually playing the game made it more easier to see how players on the court behaved and where their tendencies were in need to be repaired. Just imagine Shaq shooting 3s or Nash playing center and you will automatically understand what I am trying to say…that actually made me laugh and cry in the same time.

Now, the association file is the only that matches these changes and CFs so you should stick with it. I saved it and will share it with you at about half length of the 1st season. There are still 4 or 5 days left in February before the deadline so you should be able to do some trades for your team. Just resign from my team (PHX) and pick your favorite one. If your team is having a poor season so far I’m sure that will give you a good reason to change things around and become more ambitious. For the trades that took place during this 1st season go to my blog under my avatar where I keep my PHX dynasty updated and see for yourself.

*Most of the draft classes are still under construction and I don’t intend to finish them soon because I add them to my game by the time my game gets there – which gives me time to adjust their ratings accordingly to their real career stats/tendencies. There are about 30-40 players in each draft (I added 80% of them and repaired the rest) and I will upload each draft class separately from this pack. Of course with my association already started, it contains the 1997 draft class with 33 players with realistic ratings/tendencies. As a bonus you get the 1998 draft class. I will upload the other draft classes separately after I finish them but it will take a few weeks/months. And a note for you if you happen to be a stats freak: I rated all the players according to nbareference website and I did this for their career average stats and not(!) for their rookie year – that’s why I lowered the potential for EVERY player in the game so they won’t be much better than themselves, lol.

The only way I can upload this is by a private torrent as the package is too big (1230MB) to be hosted on a regular website. My timezone is UTC+01:00 (Central Europe) and I am online in daytime most of the time and always with the torrent client open. But that is not OK with this forum's rules so I cannot share it in here! While I am trying to find an alternative if anyone still wants it please send me an email and I'll be happy to assist you with what I have.
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Re: 96/97 Mod with Levy's HUGE changes for the Association m

Postby Andrew on Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:39 am

Posting torrents is against the rules. If the file is too big to host as one pack, the appropriate course of action is to split it up into a few parts. We also advise using 7-Zip to make those packs as small as possible, it offers better compression than Winzip and WinRAR.
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Re: 96/97 Mod with Levy's HUGE changes for the Association m

Postby levynagy on Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:57 am

Ah, OK. I thought so... It is already packed with 7-Zip and still takes a lot... I will remove the torrent file and think about an alternative.

Btw, it is up now in the Download section of NBA 2K11 here on NLSC. If anyone is interested in and wants my files, let me know.
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