Dime Q&A: Go Behind-The-Scenes With The Designers Of NBA LIV

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Dime Q&A: Go Behind-The-Scenes With The Designers Of NBA LIV

Postby 22cedric on Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:44 am

Dime Q&A: Go Behind-The-Scenes With The Designers Of NBA LIVE 14

http://dimemag.com/2013/08/dime-qa-go-b ... a-live-14/
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Re: Dime Q&A: Go Behind-The-Scenes With The Designers Of NBA

Postby JaoSming on Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:59 am

the guys behind this game know that there are Live players out there and players that prefer games by EA Sports.

from animation, music, shoes- everything in our game. The goal is to make it exactly like the real NBA everyday and keep that updated and refreshed throughout the season.

animation updates within the season?
Every time that you turn it on, if there’s new shoes that drop, there’s new player updates that drop or AI with Synergy Sports

So like today- you saw that we captured six of Damian Lillard’s signature moves and we can do that for damn near every player in the league if we want to. It’s just the time of getting in

You can keep up with your teams, what’s going on in the league from tattoos and sneakers to actual stats

RF: I mean, it’s a shift from just going through and saying, “I think this guy has a 74 2-point shooting [rating],” to true data that drives every single thing that happens that the player does from when you play to how the AI drives it as well.

RS: There’s no longer one of us saying, “this guy’s a 74 [in] shooting.” It’s [now] how he shoots every day and that goes up and down throughout the season, so that changes in the game.

no more ratings?
BounceTek is releasing the ball to physics for the first time ever in a video game.

2K12 Live Ball? FIFA?
{About Animations}And there’s just a difference and with this Ignite [technology] stuff we can get different types of mannerisms. All different types of signa[ture] play calling: chins, nose.

Well, all of the data needs to be processed, and then cleaned up. Then when they send it to our animators in the formats that they use, our animators will take that in-game and make sure the clips are the right length or the type of move that we’re trying to re-create. Then, that’s built into the game and could be in the game easily in like a day or so once we get the data back.

WOW, quick turnaround, maybe mid-season animation updates aren't too far fetched
If Madden, Fifa or NHL has an innovation, we can all share it and it allows us to run a sport in its entirety and make it feel unique and feel right. Very few people would realize a football game, soccer game and a basketball game are [running] on the same engine,
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Re: Dime Q&A: Go Behind-The-Scenes With The Designers Of NBA

Postby Andrew on Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:12 pm

I have to assume ratings/attributes are in there in some form or another. Perhaps they've removed some of the more inconsistent/arbitrary ones, though.

Definitely interesting stuff as far as the animations are concerned. If that's feasible, it could make for a game that gets better and deeper throughout the year.
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