Jersey Creation Summarized

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Jersey Creation Summarized

Postby yummybear on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:13 pm

Just wanted to help others to save time and to discover new talents from our community. :D
Since i got 2 msgs request, that they also want to learn what ive learned from NLSC.

Important note: NLSC has a complete tutorials for jersey making, i will just make it more simplified for you guys ( i guess).

Here's how i make jersey file:

1. The graphic design - To save your precious time get the templates available in Adidas Revolution 30 Template (PSD)
then edit it based on the team design (photoshop file).

2. Preparation for jersey numbering - We have two available tools available for jersey numbers (zeller and JD12's tool) on the download section but you must choose only 1, Zeller have 0-55 numbers and JD12 have 0-99 numbers. But in this guide i will guide to JD12 tools as it covers 0-99 numbers.

You must download the link first (JD12 tool) - ... df_id=3048
" The extracted JD12 tool folder should be saved at " C:\ " drive

3. At Photoshop, go to Windows > Actions
4. At Action Window, click the drop down shortcut and select Load Actions..
5. Browse the JD12 tool folder (C:\New Folder) then locate the .atn file
6. Once the .atn file is loaded on the Action window (JD12's Buni Jersey Number) then you are now ready to make history on jersey making :mrgreen:
7. Open the JD12 Number Maker.psd
8. Then go to your edited jersey design, copy it and paste it to the JD12 Number Maker.
9. At the JD12 Number Maker.psd you need to edit the numbers showed based on the team design
10. Once completed the number design, you need to drag the Buni file to your pasted design to replace the linked design.
11. Delete the previous linked design.
12. Run the JD12's at action window by clicking the play button. Wait for it until fully completed.
13. Go to your C:\ New Folder
14. Run the JD12 Batch.bat , wait for its completion.
15. Make sure you have installed Hex Workshop (i am using V6.8)
16. At the same folder, right click newyhome.viv then open it with Hex Workshop
17. At Hex Workshop, go to Edit>Replace change the replace field (eg. sanahome or sanaaway) then click ok to replace, Save As the file as (eg. sanahome or sanaaway - depends on the team), for alternate jersey it will become (eg. sanaserd or sanaser1) ... new_jersey - will give you overview on jersey making

18. You need BigGUI to lessen the file size, you can download here BigGUI
19. Open BigGUI for the final touch, browse your newly created jersey (eg. sanahome) File> Open > then rebuild
20. Thats it, you will notice the file size of your jersey file became half.
21. Copy the .viv file to your live 08 folder > sgsm> uniforms
22. Then you need the NBA live editor created by Ayiep - NBA Live 08 Editor
23. This is necessary when you are creating new filename on the .viv file (eg. sanaser5) to make it available on your game.
24. If you are making an alternate jersey, there are times that you need to load again the roster file in game to refresh and make it available.

Thats it! Good luck!

Feel free to ask, if you feel you are in trouble in making jersey.

Note: i am still rookie so expect that my work are not all perfect. :D

Helpful links: ... ting_Guide
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Re: Jersey Creation Summarized

Postby Andrew on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:17 am

Good to have a simple guide! I'll add it to the Resources section.
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Re: Jersey Creation Summarized

Postby Murat on Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:07 am

Great and correct guide.
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Re: Jersey Creation Summarized

Postby Killer Crossover aka OG on Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:36 am

Thanks for the guide (Y) :D Good work :applaud:
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