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This is a 1984/1985 & 1985/1986 & 1986/1987 & 1987/1988 & 1988/1989 & 1989/1990 & 1990/1991 & 1991/1992 & 1992/1993 & 1993/1994 & 1994/1995 & 1995/1996 & 1996/1997 & 1997/1998 & 1998/1999 & 1999/2000 & 2000/2001 & 2001/2002 & 2002/2003 & 2003/2004 & 2004/2005 & 2005/2006 & 2006/2007 & 2007/2008 & 2008/2009 & 2009/2010 & 2010/2011 & 2011/2012 & 2012/2013 & 2013/2014 & 2014/2015 & 2015/2016 seasons rosters update for NBA 2K13.


phpBB [video]

All necessary files for current 2014/2015 season roster in six parts:

#1 Download Part 1 here
#2 Download Part 2 here
#3 Download Part 3 here
#4 Download Part 4 here

or 1-4 parts in one zip, Mediafire or MEGA

Download Parts 1-4 Mediafire / Download Parts 1-4 MEGA

#5 Download Part 5 here
#6 Download Part 6 here

Shoes Download shoes here

if u already downloaded all 6 parts, now u have to re-download only part 6

All necessary files for all retro rosters in 17 parts:

#1 Download Part 1 here
#2 Download Part 2 here
#3 Download Part 3 here
#4 Download Part 4 here
#5 Download Part 5 here
#6 Download Part 6 here
#7 Download Part 7 here
#8 Download Part 8 here
#9 Download Part 9 here
#10 Download Part 10 here
#11 Download Part 11 here
#12 Download Part 12 here
#13 Download Part 13 here
#14 Download Part 14 here
#15 Download Part 15 here
#16 Download Part 16 here

or 1-16 parts in one zip on Mediafire

Download Parts 1-16 Mediafire / Download Parts 1-16 MEGA

#17 Download Part 17 here

* if u already downloaded parts 1-17 u must re-download only part 17

Shoes Download Shoes for 1993 Roster here
Addons Download Addons for 90' by portlandblazer

Download link to roster files>>> URB Roster V34 [32 Complete Seasons Mods] WHERE SIM HAPPENS

ImageClick here to donate and make me feel my work is needed

[ Here is Slimm44 and my changelog for ALL ROSTERS


• Inside, Close, Mid, and 3PT shot ratings edited based on educated opinion and scaled to the simulation engine
• Pass Rating based off of simulation scale and Assist% statistic
• Block Rating based off of simulation cale and Blocks per 36 Minutes statistic
• Steal Rating based off of simulation scale and Steals per 36 Minutes statistic
• Offensive Awareness Rating based off of Offensive Rating + Offensive Win Shares
• Defensive Awareness Rating based off of Defensive Rating – Defensive Win Shares
• Vertical Rating based off comparisons to similar players vertical leap from

Signature Skills

• Dimer given if player is above 30% assist rate or if two prominent players on the same team have 25%+ assist rate
• Scrapper given if one player has above 17.5% rebound rate or if two prominent players on the same team have 15%+ rebound rate
• Eraser given if the player has 5%+ block rate
• Intercepter given if wing player and 2.5%+ steal rate
• Active Hands given if big man and 2%+ steal rate
• Pick Pocket given if point guard and 2.5%+ steal rate
• Interceptor and Pick Pocket given if wing player and 3.5%+ steal rate
• Posterizer given to Shaq, Kemp, Barkley
• Brick Wall given to big, strong players ie Karl Malone, Charles Oakley
• Highlight Film given to the Human Highlight Film

Hot Spots

• All hotspots to have players activate freelance tendencies in intelligent places on the court


• Take Shot Tendency based off of FGA per 36 minutes statistic
• Inside, Close, and Mid Shot Tendency based off of educated guesses (no data for 1993)
• 3PT Tendency based on 3PTA per 36 minutes statistic
• Drive the Lane capped at 40
• Pull Up Tendency set at 1 for players with high mid-range/3PT tendencies
• Attack the Basket set to 0 for wing players and 100 for PF/C's
• Pass Out Tendency set the same as the player's passing rating but PF/C's set to 0
• Triple Threat Tendencies edited
• Use Pick Freelance Tendency given if PG, Passing Rating is over 65 and Touches Tendency is over 50
• Set Pick Freelance Tendency given if PF or C and Touches Tendency is over 50. Most C's still get a 0 in this.
• Isolation Freelance Tendency given if player has over 15FGA per 36 munutes and over 50 Touches Tendency
• Spot Up Tendency given if player has less than 50 Touches Tendency
• Post Up Tendency given if PF/C and player has more than 50 Touches Tendency
• Touches Tendency based on Minutes per game + Per + Usg%
• All Post Moves and Post Shots edited to help posting players attack more.

Coaching Profiles

• Offensive Tempo set to 0 for all teams to help reduce players running from spot to spot too quickly. Also helps prevent plays from breaking.
• Defensive pressure set to scale based off of Defensive Rating statistic
• Fast Break set to 10 for all teams to promote increased pace without breaking the playcalling system
• Help Defense set subjectively on a scale from 50-100
• Crash the Boards set based off of Offensive Rebounding % statistic
• Mid Range and 3PT Tendencies set uniformly to promote accurate amount of mid-range and 3PT shots will be taken.


• Only plays that the AI can use intelligently on a regular basis were chosen
• Playbooks were assembled based off of personel currently on team and to simulate action that team ran that season


• Updated 15/04/2015
• Salaries and extensions updated 15/04/2015

New stuff:

• NEW ULTRA ROSTER with all current 2015/2016 teams with 2015 draft players and 78 most important teams from last 30 years, all in one roster file.
• All retro teams in Ultra Roster with their specific coaching profiles, style of playing, rotations; all +2000 players with one and only slimm formula!
• New retro courts by Pepis21
• New retro stadiums by Bird33
• New logo of Atlanta 2015/2016
• Fixed reported issues, rotations etc (where it was possible)
• Updated 2015 roster with transactions/jerseys #/contracts from 24.06.2015
• Updated rotations/minutes/team roles, playoffs ready
• Updated and improved playbooks, coaching profiles for ALL ROSTERS by Slimm using the same formula
• Updated and improved ratings, tendencies, play types, hot spots for ALL PLAYERS from 1984-2015 by Slimm using the same formula
• ALL ROSTERS with historical contracts for ALL PLAYERS
• Added 4 new retro rosters
• Added All Star teams for ALL ROSTERS with historical rotations/minutes
• Added new updated ready2go season save files with all accurate rotations/minutes for ALL SEASONS
• Added short instruction for new users
• 2016 roster with all injured players back in action, ready to start new season
• Updated rotations/minutes/team roles
• Added 82 NEW PLAYERS, probably all 2015 draft class 1st and 2nd rounders and 20 more, all in FA pool, ready to sign [all with slimm formula, but a lot of guessing, still very solid]
• Removed 2014/2015 year from contracts, contracts ready for 2015/2016
• Added 3 new logos(WSH, TOR, MIL)
• Age and years pro updated for 2015/2016 season
• OKC coach update
• and many more which i simple dont remember

- Recommend Lagoa global: Download here
- Recommend MeGustaNBA soundtrack for URB 2014 Roster, 2K14 in 2K13 baby Download here
- Recommend MeGustaNBA soundtrack for URB Retro Rosters, bring back memories Download here
- Recommend MeGustaNBA soundtrack alternate version for URB Download here
- Recommend NBA TV scoreboard which works perfect with all rosters Download here

* slimms - ratings/tendencies/hot spots/coaching profiles/playbooks
* portlandblazer - updates for 93 and 98 Rosters
* iamlillard - jerseys, courts
* nbatak - cfs/draft classes, 1987, 1993 Rosters
* PatTheHead - 1985 Roster, mycareer mode!
* utp1985 - logos, courts
* retroman - retro courts, cfs, 1998,2002 Roster
* MeGustaNBA - soundtracks
* Leftos - main tool for 2k13
* Hawk23 - idea & portraits

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